Excelsior Gallery NFT

when you get a excelsior gallery NFT , you get more than just an NFT, you get access to special community, where everyone can earn 0.028 eth every 10 days.

Whitelist owners get higher payouts

0.08% per week

Excelsior NFT Gallery

First NFT project, based on the PASSIVE income

Become a part of our team. Get passive income in the amount of 21% from invested money every 10 days.

How do we work?

-In response to the received NFT, you send your wallet where we send your income every 10 days in the amount of 7% of the purchased paintings.
If you resell the image, previous and new owners notify us through the feedback and send us new wallet.
-More than 150 experts take part in the business process of this project all over the world. They select and investigate carefully every new and existing project.
They thoroughly calculate all the risks and profits. Afterwards we get access to the white lists of new worthwhile projects

When you buy a Excelsior NFT Gallery, you’re not simply buying a simple NFT, you are getting access to a community, where are everyone earn every 10 days 7% (0,028 eth) !

Payments order:
From 10th to 12th of every month you will get 7% (0,028 eth)
From 20th to 22nd of every month you will get 7% (0,028 eth)
From 29-31 of every month you will get 7% (0,028 eth)
buy 20 items, and you will get a special package including 21 items.

What we earn and How we pay dividends.

- We choose projects with high margins and promising ones that will grow.
- The profit received applies to the purchase of the new NFTs, the payment of dividends and the maintenance of staff
Why are we release NFT
- To attract additional investments. Therefore, we receive about 25-35% of passive income from their investments per month, so we are ready to pay each nft owner 7% per month from the amount of invested money.
Be a part of excelsior nft gallery. While you rest and enjoy your vacation, we work and you earn. Trust to professionals!


HOW I CAN BUY A Excelsior NFT gallery NFT ?

You will be able to buy only on our website when we launch, or on the secondary market (Opensea).

HOW I CAN BUY A Excelsior NFT Gallery NFT ?

You will be able to buy only on our website when we launch.

WHERE I WILL BE ABLE TO SEE MY Excelsior NFT gallery ?

Once you have minted a Excelsior NFT gallery, you will be able to see it by connecting your wallet to OpenSea.


Only 777 Piece

NFT price is 0,4 Eth with increased profit Of 0,08% every 10 days!